View Full Version : Broadcast mixer output with shoutcast ?

15th October 2006, 17:46

We have got a four channel mixer with a microphone input as well and we want to broadcast live the output of the mixer so that everybody can hear the various instruments e.g. guitar and music coming out of the four channels of the mixer..

can shoutcast do that ?

if not can you please recommend some other free software?

we would like to do this with an IP address over the internet if possible

sorry if my questions sound too newbie !


15th October 2006, 18:42
I have answered my question ! now what is the difference between microphone and line input ? in the "input" tab?

15th October 2006, 19:45
Think about the back of your PC -- their should be two input jacks -- they look the same, one is MIC and the other is LINE-IN -- the MIC jack may be totally mono, such that a stereo input there will become mono -- the MIC input may have "Advanced" features like [loFreq] Boost to AMP it. The LINE-IN expects a line level (from your mixer) or headphone type input level.

The result of using the wrong one depends, but basically, using a real un-amped accoustic MICrophone in the LINE-IN will result in a MIC that is barely audible... A line-level source in the MIC will usually result in an overmodulated and distorted audio that cannot be lowered enough.

Depends where you "plug it in" :)

15th October 2006, 20:26
im currently running a Yamaha MG8/2FX with four mics and voice FX option. I just run the stereo outs through an adapter (stereo L and R to stereo 1/8th inch) and into my video card's input and set that jack (they are universal jack's) to stereo input.

The mixer should go into a "Line In". a solo microphone should be pluggin into the "Mic"

18th October 2006, 14:57
try buying a mixer with firewire interface...you won't need to any audio wire no more and have multi channel input