View Full Version : Do you need a license if u live in Canada??

15th October 2006, 22:01

I have looked into and read many articles about licensing. Most of them i have read say that broadcasting over the internet in Canada isnt illegal. But i do not know if this is ture. I have looked on the CRTC and articles on it. I have found nothing stating wether its legal or not. If anyone knows anything or has any information please post it would be much appreciated. I read the articles on the fourms too and it seems to be pointing in the direction of not illegal but would be nice if someone could point me to legal information.


15th October 2006, 23:17

Ask these folks... they are in charge in Canada.

16th October 2006, 00:10

i looked at the webpage and it looks like the answer im still getting is its not illegal in Canada. Hurray!!! everything is for AM/FM radio, looks like our government still has no control over the net yet lol