View Full Version : Someone want to twist my servers?

19th October 2006, 20:34
Hy, I have 4 Hardware Servers with 100 Mbit each and unlimited traffic.
6 Shoutcast Servers.
So its time to proove if they can bring what they tell.

If somebody can wants to use my servers and bring much users on it, I will give you the Stream url and password.
cause im still in building a nice website for some month.

I sometimes do not understand why Streaming is so expensive.
Make a Dedicated server on www.keyweb.de and have unlimited Traffic, 100 Mbit Wan access.

Greets Stefan

19th October 2006, 20:55
100Mbit on a shared line is more than likely what they are giving. In environments like that you cannot guarantee quality for streaming.

19th October 2006, 21:07
Yes thats true, but when you have many cheap servers, you may find a reasonable bandwith to use.
The provider has 2* 1 gbit to the internet.
Maybe the Switch could make a bottle neck a little bit.

I pay 60 U$ for one server. But compare to 2300 U$ for 1000 Users on 128 kbits.....

But you are rigth for a good radio, underruns are inacceptable. But lets see what the servers can stand

Greets STefan