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20th October 2006, 20:07
i have shoutcast server and use the 1.90 dsp plugin for winamp but no one else can dj as the dsp will not disconnect and both boxes on the connection tab are unticked been at this for a week now plz help many thanks in advance

20th October 2006, 20:16
if you are the host and want someone else to DJ, then they need to kick your source. The DJ will then connect as the source using the dsp on their end.

Does that help any.

20th October 2006, 20:21
how do they kick the source plz many thanks for the reply

20th October 2006, 20:23
well. There are two ways to do that:

1. You disconnect the dsp on your host computer and tell the DJ to connect their's to your host.

2. You give the DJ the password to your server and the IP and port. Thet type that into a web browser and log into the dnas page by clicking the admin button. At the bottom of the admin button there is a kick source option. Once they have the source kicked, they can then connect.

20th October 2006, 20:28
ty once sgsin for the reply but my dsp wont disconnect and i dont know hoiw to login to the admin bit i know the password but not a user sorry for being thick but do appreciatrer the help

20th October 2006, 20:42
the admin name is admin. I know, they never really tell you that :)

20th October 2006, 20:46
woooooooooooo hooooooo ty so much i am in the admin page lets hope i can get my dj to kick my source

20th October 2006, 21:04
hi bthere the kick didnt work :( any other ideas plz

20th October 2006, 21:30
that is the only way to do it ... besidec manually pressing the disconnect button in the dsp.

Also, kicking the source only buys you a 30 second window for the dj to connect. Unless you have turned off the automatic reconnect in the dsp as well...

20th October 2006, 21:35
when i click kick souce the dsp disconnnects for a split second ands reconnectrs again so no chance of a dj getrtring in ty for the reply and your efort to help me

20th October 2006, 21:55
then change the default reconnect time in the winamp dsp.

20th October 2006, 21:58
i am sorry but i am a bit thick where would i find this plz

20th October 2006, 22:00
wont let me attach the pic to the previous post... See pic in this one for exactly where

20th October 2006, 22:02
i have no tick in this box so it wont auto reconnect sorry for being a pain

20th October 2006, 22:08
ok... so you get the source kicked and then your DJ can connect. If that box is not checked, then the DSP simply will not try to reconnect to DNAS. I just kciked it on mine and DNAS is just sitting there doing nothing.

If your DJ can not connect after this has been done, then you must have a port forwarding problem somewhere in the mix that is not allowing the DJ to connect.

Both you and your DJ need to setup ports. Remember that SHOUTcast uses 8000-8001 and that both of these ports need to be open on both computers. Go to www.portforward.com for information about how to setup your router.

When you play music do you see NAK errors in DNAS? If you do, then it is a port forwarding problem.

20th October 2006, 22:16
after a kick source nit loses the connection for a split second and then reconnects maybe i shoukd try another plugin say the oldsock v 3.0