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23rd October 2006, 22:48
i am opening up an internet radio station,
but i was going to use winamp as my streamer,
very hard to setup i found, i would like to know what are the best ways to stream audio on-line, i will be starting this station this week,

basicly any support on streaming would be great :winamp:

Regards All:D

Hope i posted in the right place

23rd October 2006, 23:03
Actually winamp is the easiest out of other options plus ITS FREE!

SAM2 broadcaster has tons of features but its $199 USD

You still need a shoutcast server with whatever option you select. Jump over to the tech support forums and read the STICKY posts. they should help a ton, and also this website should have tons of info for ya



24th October 2006, 00:24
cheers mate thanks for that