View Full Version : Start or shutdown shoutcast

24th October 2006, 16:08
have a little website, where I want the dj's to be able to start or shutdown the shoutcast program via a php website.. how can this be done ?? just a button with online/offline is fine :)

24th October 2006, 17:27
or you could give them the admin password and they could go to:

http://my.ip.address:theport/admin.cgi log in and click on "kick"

24th October 2006, 19:04
doh.. k found .. looks right will test it.. :) Thx :D

24th October 2006, 19:42
thought the program is running it says on that site that the server is currently down ?

24th October 2006, 19:46
oh yes, and would like em to to be able to start the radio up too .. :)

24th October 2006, 19:54
hmm can only kick dj not shutdown, or start, server.. :/

24th October 2006, 20:28
you neeed something like a cron job to check to see if DNAS has a source. If it does, then the script will quietly exit, if it does not then it will give it one.

Check out (pycron -- it is for MS): http://www.kalab.com/freeware/pycron/pycron.htm