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24th October 2006, 20:50
Hey guys, could use some help here please, I tried using the search by genre feature but it does not provide the results I am expecting. I am looking for "Disco" as one example but that is not an option in the drop down menu, I typed a search for R&B and stumbled upon a nice station named "SKY FM" [#62], went searching for "Early 80s rock" and could not find anything and then when I tried to come back to Sky fm, I cannot find it.

I would like to find stations close to these categories
70s Disco
Early 80s rock
50s-70s pop
Slow rock or pop
r&b slow
80s dance

How can I best go about finding them and when I find a station I like, how can I find it another time or bookmark it or something? Thanks.

24th October 2006, 21:35
Bookmark a station if you like it
for the rest, search again

but if you want to search for a certain genre use several ways

80's might not give you much result while 80s might give you plenty.

24th October 2006, 22:24
Thanks, typing 70s instead of 70's made a big difference,I looked at the shoutcast online documentation and still can't find out how to bookmark all fav stations?