View Full Version : A table in My web site

26th October 2006, 15:22
Hi everybody!
I want to put a table like this ( my forum...But I don`t know how to write the php file,and even how to make the taple!Please somebody help me..it can be only the table !Thanks

26th October 2006, 16:08
we have some downloadable scripts here.

these are put into an iframe to show on the site.

you might want to go to the manufacturers/hosts of your forum for support as this is a support site for shoutcast

26th October 2006, 18:50
Easy - suggest you check out http://www.bouncybootlegs.co.uk as they produce exactly what you want.

An example of this script working within a forum is at - www.ourhfm.com

27th October 2006, 16:06
Thank you guys :)