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28th October 2006, 12:18
Hi folks !!

How do I increase the (Max Listeners) on my station ?
Do I have to pay extra?

Thanks for your help.


28th October 2006, 13:23
I tottally screwed this one up...too early me thinks :D

28th October 2006, 13:47
It depends on how you are running your station - are you using your own computer as the server? If so then you won't be able to get many listeners anyway.

If you are using a stream host, then contact them and they will give you a quote bepending on bitrate/listeners

28th October 2006, 14:44
more listeners requires MORE BANDWIDTH.

For example and entire T1 connection can only support about 10 listeners at 128kbps each, so if you wonder how stations have 1000's of listeners, its because that can 1000s of servers in several locations

At home using your own internet connection, you need to ask yourself if your want to dedicate 100% of your bandwidth to other people/listeners or only a portion of it and have someone else provide the shoutcast server (pay).

here's a good list to start with www.radiotoolbox.com/hosts

~ D