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29th October 2006, 13:39
i know there's a topic about it existing here but i don't know how to reply to it, moreover it said "thread locked", does it mean no more replies?

according to that topic, if i want to put my voice in the background music, i have to:

When I opened Winamp, I opened the DSP, I choose Soundcard Input, Microphone under Mic Input.

It told me to click Open Mixer, the instructions told me to choose Stereo Mixer etc, but I only have one option -- Microphone, as shown:


There's no other options in the properties window too, only Microphone under C-Media blah blah (my microphone name)

but i found out that: if i click the sound symbol on the notification bar on the taskbar, and i choose my speaker symbol and choose properties, and chose my speaker software as my mixer device for recording, i could see other optionz, like Wave/MP3. however i tried selecting each of them but i can't hear any background music except my voice.

is there any problemz in my actionz etc? i dun find any stereo mix or wave/mp3 in my microphone window.

any help will be greatly appreciated!!

30th October 2006, 00:42
fist off its been asked and answer 2000 times, and 2nd your screen shot is uncalled for, and HUGE.

you have a USB headset and the soundcard, so it like having TWO soundcard. its not going to work with shoutcast and soundcard mode, since windows default soundcard is the SOUNDCARD and not the usb headset. you need to connect a mic to the soundcard.

sucks eh...

If your soundcard had the ability to take the usb headset audio and pipe it into wave/mp3 that would be great but your isssue isnt lack of support with shoutcast but your hardware..