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30th October 2006, 03:21
I'm curious whether Shoutcast could work with multiple NIC's to spread out the traffic between the streams. I have more Ethernet ports than streams, so it'd be good to have higher capacities for when we do something big like football games. Besides, it's a cheap investment (the cable can be gotten free from the tech department).

Would I need to have to have a separate computer capture the sound and another to broadcast? Or an Ethernet switch? If it is the former, I'll just stick with what I got.

I'm thinking I have to set each of my cables to an ip address and have the servers separated between each one, while Shoutcast source stays the same.

Thank you in advance. You guys are quite helpful.

30th October 2006, 06:48
The number of nic you place in your system won't make the difference if you can or can not stream multiple streams
since they don't really matter in the circle

bandwidth and multiple winamps+ dsp with for each stream a server is what matters.

check your bandwidth to see if you can support this.
Oh and a switch between your source and server might even be a reason for errors in your log when the switch can't transfer the signal in the right way.

31st October 2006, 03:25
Sorry, I must have not clarified my situation. The thing is, is that I have 4 streams (same audio, different qualities) that work just fine now (so I don't think I need multiple Winamp instances). I purposely kept the total number of listeners allowed pretty low to ensure stability. I have 6 ethernet ports, which the school will allow the computer to use, with 6 different ip's I can use. Of course, I'm only interested in 4. I'm wondering if by configuring each server to localhost or that it'd all come through one connection instead of separate ones. That's really what I'm trying to see: if there's a workaround.

And I think we don't have a Ethernet switch, or at least it hasn't caused any errors yet. It would then be a problem should I use multiple nic's in parallel?

31st October 2006, 03:34
; DestIP, IP to listen for clients on (and to contact yp.shoutcast.com)
; can and usually will be be ANY. If your machine has multiple IP addresses,
; set this to the one you want it to be accessed by.

If the machine has multiple IPs, you can choose which one is bound to the instance of the SHOUTcast DNAS by specifying the DestIP in the SHOUTcast config file.

31st October 2006, 21:39
Awesome. So Shoutcast Source can just stay the same right? I'm going to grab a bunch of cables now...

1st November 2006, 02:14
You dont even need to use all the network cards, you can have several IP addresses for a single network card. You then run sc_serv several times, each with its own config, with the IP address to bind to.

I've done this , and so have many other and it does work.

sc_serv sc_serv1.ini
sc_serv sc_serv2.ini
sc_serv sc_serv3.ini



~ D

1st November 2006, 12:48
Well, I just want to make the most out of our pool of bandwidth. Since the cost for another NIC isn't a big deal, I might as well buy as many NIC's as streams.
Because as it is now, I'm just using one (the one that came with the motherboard) and switching between ports rather than ips. I think I found that tip for multiple instances in the Greatest Hits section. Changing this would be inconsequential since I use a DNS (no-ip) server so people wouldn't notice the difference.

1st November 2006, 14:44
Running windows? Don't waste your money. Windows will *ONLY* use one NIC... unless you configure them to work as one using Port Trunking at the switch.

Simply use the existing NIC and bind multiple IPs to it. That would allow you to, for example, offer all your streams on port 80.

2nd November 2006, 05:45
not true, if you have the same gateway for both NIC's you can use multiple NIC's in windows.

4th November 2006, 18:19
"not true, if you have the same gateway for both NIC's you can use multiple NIC's in windows."
As in my case. Cool. I've looked through (the) Google and found a transcript (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/expertzone/chats/transcripts/03october21.mspx) that hints that XP Pro can work with Multiple NIC's without a problem because there exists the bridge feature, and there's a lot of stuff on the MS Newsgroups about setting metric values so all cards will be recognized. What this all means for me in reality I don't know until I boot up and try it out.
I just got the stuff (CAT 6 cable and some $4 cards) delivered from Newegg...phenomenal place. I'll install it and report back to you guys after I'm done configurating it.
And the No-ip DNS is configured so that by looking up my stream via a browser, you get the information on Shoutcast (I'll just make sure they can't get Admin . I'm assuming that's like port 80.
Btw, dotme, great posts on the licensing topic with sputnik.

5th November 2006, 03:00
Originally posted by WCFM
Btw, dotme, great posts on the licensing topic with sputnik.
That thread just got crazy for a while ;)
Sorry I gave incorrect info on my answer. I'm no Windows expert and most of my experience has been with 2000. I imagine having multiple cards on the same IP subnet will work out fine. I've only tried two cards on different IP networks (for redundancy and load balancing) and that didn't go so well...lol

7th November 2006, 04:05
Yeah, that did. Add marketers and internet debaters and you get society at its best. /sarcasm

And I've done a test with two with a different computer. It works fine...though for some odd reason the nic's (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16833338001) I got don't seem to work with the generic cat6 cable (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16812117841) I got from newegg, yet the onboard NIC has no problem. I guess I'll do some swapping around.
From my previous post, I tried doing bridge connections. It probably caused a fritz or a ban since the cable's plugged in but there's literally no signal from the line...and I tried the computer on different ports and it worked fine. Quite irritating doesn't quite scratch the surface. I'm whining right now to our networking guys about this. That's always fun. :P

12th November 2006, 23:43
(double post needed to bump)

Well...I figured out the bridge thing (it was a ban of a sort). However, I'm having less luck with the configs...sometimes the ip address is that of a router on one of them (, and cmd -> ipconfig comes out weird...though for some inexplicable reason (maybe using better cable?) the normal NIC I now run the server on takes almost no time to buffer now.

Anyway, I think I may try something different than what I tried to do before.

Here's a station (http://www.shoutcast.com/sbin/tunein-station.pls?id=7344) that does what I want to do...basically listeners can use that one .pls downloaded and can tune in via the two ip's listed. I want to do it this way:
1. They open the file, and see both ip's listed, the motherboard integrated and the attached(probably in reverse order).
2. They connect to one of the NIC's installed.
3. If it's full, they go to the motherboard for a backup.

The station doesn't seem to be an offloaded, so it looks possible. Would I have to mess with the serv.ini (maybe something regarding relays) or should I have two instances of the shoutcast server running per stream? I just want to ensure redundancy and accommodation should more people listen (we are doing a media blitz...heck, I personally was photographed for a local newspaper).
Thank you for your patience, and for reading this all.