View Full Version : DSP Plugin SHOUTcast Source v1.90

30th October 2006, 23:10
I run a stream every weekend...the show is pre-recorded...so I just use winamp to play it and the DSP plugin to stream....

I have a mic and mixer....even when I set it all up and play, i cannot talk on my mic....i hit the talk button in the plugin and no go.....

does anyone know any other programs i could do this with?

or plugins?

or am i doing something wrong?


31st October 2006, 03:26
Can you explain how the mixer is attached to the computer?

31st October 2006, 03:51
its a small behinger. i have it coming out and going in rca line in....

when the dsp plugin is set to winamp...no probs, but i cant use my mic....when it is set to sound card, the mic works and streams the mic, but not the music and mic at the same time.

i find out when it is time to go live too. i have no idea how to test it before i go live. now the mic works and it is set up cuz when i hit talk i hear my self over the music, it just doesnt go over the net like that......

31st October 2006, 21:53
Hmm...so I'm assuming the Mic's attached to the microphone port right?
I think the problem is that you haven't selected the right recorder. Double click the speaker icon (or go to start-control panel-sound and audio devices-advanced. Go to options-properties-recording (making sure stereo mix is selected). Then click ok, and in the next screen, make sure that the volume is up and that it is selected (ie checked). Try running source from the soundcard input now. And you can check whether the mike works by looking at the input levels when you change from Winamp to Soundcard input. I hope this works.