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2nd November 2006, 00:44
I run a Shoutcast station for personal use to listen to whats playing at home. I have a friend who would like to tune in and listen, but for whatever reason at his work only mms:// window media type streams work.

What is a mms:// file and how can I convert my IP:port into such a file, so that my friend can tune in?

Is this only a server based thing?

Cheers, Paul

2nd November 2006, 00:56
If you want to make a link for Windows Media Player, make sure your webhost has mime enabled, if you want more information you can click Here. Then, copy and paste this into notepad:

<asx version="3.0">
<ref href="http://IP HERE:8000" />
<title>GIVE THE STREAM A TITLE</title>
<author>NAME YOUR STATION HERE</author>
<copyright>SOMETHING TO DISPLAY HERE</copyright>

Make the appropriate changes then save it as giveatitlehere.asx.
Now you can upload to a web host or send to a friend to open to listen.

I have no idea in hell what mms:// is other than microsoft's proprietary streaming protocol. No one really knows how it works, we only know that wmp uses it. Ironically, it is used to live streaming. Anyway, forget the mms:// crap. Just add what I gave you above ... wmp should be able to open that.

2nd November 2006, 01:30
Thanks... but unfortunately only mms:// works.

Cheers, Paul

2nd November 2006, 02:29
mms:// is the application call for Windows Media Services that's included in Server 2003, unfortuneantly you can't make your shoutcast server serve on the mms:// protocol without some heavy duty scripting.

2nd November 2006, 02:30
another option would be to use a java based player to connect to your stream, so that he could use it. You may have to serve your shoutcast on port 80 to guarantee it to work though.

2nd November 2006, 02:30
If the workplace is locked down, it could be that HTTP streaming will only work if it's on the default port (80)

Most offices can't lock that one down unless they prohibit surfing. If you do not host any kind of website at home, try changing your router's port forwarding and shoutcast server to run on port 80. See if he can tune in then...

2nd November 2006, 03:00
Thanks everyone for your comments.

You said it can be done with some heavy duty scripting?

Can u point me to a resource link that details what type of scripting needs to be done?


2nd November 2006, 03:06
Does anyone know a website that compiles mms:// online radio stations?

How do I use google to scan for mms:// streams via the page source on each website? Regular searching is not working.

Obviously, Im feverishly interested in mms:// files.

Cheers, Paul

2nd November 2006, 05:32

2nd November 2006, 10:13
We supply MMS streams for our Windows Media clients (http://www.wavestreaming.com/?i=windowsmedia)

eg. mms://wms5.wavestreamer.com/ideal

MMS runs via port 1755 as standard. So you may find that setting your SHOUTcast server to run on this port will allow him to listen.

2nd November 2006, 23:12
So Wavestreaming are suggest I just change the port to 1755 and create a link such as mms:// to connect using no special software like videolan?

Ill give it a try. As my friend does hit my shoutcast server using a .asx file where the link code is mms:// , but the music doesnt stream.

3rd November 2006, 00:37
no, I believe he is saying to use winamp and the normal http://IP : Port/listen.pls (no spaces), but have you stream port be 1755.

See, nothing is too special about mms that the company would allow to pass. They just have the port that mms uses open ... but who is to say that something different could not stream on that port....