View Full Version : Want to cast music without WinAmp, is it possible?

2nd November 2006, 09:24
I want to broadcast music using SHOUTcast server and a form for DSP not using WinAmp.

The reason ths that i want to use winamp for listening on other music at home and still broadcast an other playlist.

Is this possible, or have I misunderstood something about the idea around SOUTHcast?

2nd November 2006, 12:01
There are other DSPs out there, one including SAM Broadcaster which costs money. Currious tho, why don't you want to use winamp?

2nd November 2006, 12:35
I dont want to use it becouse I want to broadcast one playlist, and sometimes i want to hear other music then whats on the playlist. So i want one application to broadcast and i want to use winamp to play the music i want to hear or watch a movie.

2nd November 2006, 13:05
just install a second winamp for broadcasting purposes then and set it to NULL out.

Use your regular winamp to listen to other music or to your own stream.

2nd November 2006, 19:23
Ok, i can try that. thanks.
An other thing i want to do is that i have a upload feature coming on my site where people can upload their music.
Is it possible for WinAmp to reconize new files manually and add them to the playlist so that i dont need to manually update?

2nd November 2006, 21:26
not without some serious scripting. Plus, I believe that I smell legal problems with this idea...

If you really wanna look into it, I believe you could get a nice little and very scriptable app called pycron to do this for you... works a lot like cron for linux if you have ever used that...


2nd November 2006, 21:56
Ye, i was thinking a bit on python. But my skills are more Java, php,c and sql... So i hoped that some application like this existed...

Else i just have to play winamp from the library and reload it from now and then :S

3rd November 2006, 00:39
pycron really is not too bad. I do not know any of the things that you do (java, php, c, sql) --- or at least only a grain of salt's worth of info .... yet I am very good with cron.... because it really is that easy.

sputnik radio
3rd November 2006, 00:45
Or you could just cast your music with winamp and listen to other stuff with media player, quick time or real player. or free amp

ever thought about that?

3rd November 2006, 06:25
Or you could consider purchasing a playout system such as SAM Broadcaster or DRS 2006 if you want to keep your media players free.

SAM is great because it can 'silent' stream without going through your soundcard - allowing you to get on with listening to music etc as per normal on your computer without this affecting your broadcast.

3rd November 2006, 11:50
or a system where you upload your content and have no need to have an encoder connected at all :)

3rd November 2006, 12:05
or you could get.....

:p I had to do it :D

3rd November 2006, 16:42
Well, Most of the things are in place.
SHOUTCast with WinAmp DRS pluging (can run dual winamp without problems)
The upload part is in place
Winamp checks for changes every 2 minutes in folder and ads them to library
The only problem i have left is to automaticly add new files from library to playlist.

And guys... why should i pay for someone to broadcast it when my Upstream is on 100Mbit xD
Thats why I want to host everything self... And learn shit :p