View Full Version : can I stream with a mac?

6th November 2006, 16:36
Hi i need to setup a friend to pull a stream from them for a link up, but she has a mac, im fine with a pc in setting up but have not set up a mac before. Could someone tell me if the same process applys, as Ive noticed there is winamp for a mac but not sure if plug ins are available to do the same job.



6th November 2006, 16:55
http://www.tucows.com/preview/206623 after hunting for a winamp player for mac I found this, just noticed the date feb 2001.. is this bogus?

6th November 2006, 17:12
There is no Winamp for the Mac, there was a version long ago, but it is useless. If you want to stream from a mac you can use sc_trans_osx from the terminal.

6th November 2006, 19:46
you can use the nicecast encoder.

lots of people use this for live streaming from the mac..

12th November 2006, 18:16
thanks for the info on software to use... She has bought nicecast. It gives you an option, to use shoutcast as a server, I unfortunatly am working blind to help her out as I don`t have a mac. im using shoutcast myself, on a pc so does anyone have a setup so I can help her. Im fully ok with the winamp shoutcast setup know but nadda about this. Id pop round to have a look but she is about 90miles away lol. so if anyone in lamens terms can help us out it would be apreciated as the simpler it is for her the better alround.

cheers sb68

p.s been to the nicecast forum and its pretty crap for info.

12th November 2006, 18:34
1. download sc_serv from winamp: http://www.shoutcast.com/downloads/sc1-9-7/shoutcast-1-9-7-macosx.tar.gz

2. Download sc_trans: http://www.shoutcast.com/downloads/sc_trans_posix_040.tgz

3. Edit and read the config files for both sc_trans and sc_serv.

4. setup a pls file of mp3's (I usually export a playlist using xmms on linux. Dunno what is available on a mac for this) and tell the config in sc_trans where that playlist is.

5. Start sc_trans by opening a terminal/console window and navigating to the directory that sc_trans is in. Start the program by typing ./sc_trans config_name.conf (replace congif name with the actual name of the config file).

6. Start sc serv by following the same steps as sc_serv. However start it in another terminal/console window by typing: sc_serv config_name.conf (replace config_name with the actual name of the config file).

7. Grab a beer and relax. That is it!

8. If you are going to use nicecast, then skip the sc_trans bit. I believe that nicecast acts as the transcoder....

12th November 2006, 18:51
this tutorial might help for the nicecast software :)


12th November 2006, 19:58
thanks for info so far as I was coming up blank for mac info (god bless pcs ;0),,, a couple of things are not clear to me, and the first one is... it asks to put in a url to a website. ??? not sure why? or what sort of website they mean? The idea is to turn her pc into a server,(so i just thought it would be a loop mac ip and then location ip address )enabling a listener capability of 1 so i can pull the stream and then send it out to our server. also ideally she wants to do a live show from external decks mixer mic etc, but its says it uses itunes. Is this possible to select a line input like you would in winamp.

sorry for the questions don`t wanna be tedious as its something I despise in myself.