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6th November 2006, 17:34
Is there a plugin for Winamp, which would allow me to stream 'what I hear'?. Rather than having to clog hard drive space up with music etc... I would like to stream direct from another device.

Hope you can point me in the right direction.


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6th November 2006, 20:53
all you need to do is set the dsp to souncard mode.

check this tutorial for a how to.

make sure you have the stations permission before restreaming anyone else as it could get you into hot water.

sputnik radio
7th November 2006, 02:30
in other words stream what some what someone else is streamin hey?

7th November 2006, 04:12
I think it'll be fine, if it's for private use. It'd be a good idea to ask...though I can't think of a station that wouldn't mind a relay. Do what nick linked to.
Also, I recommend going into your sound settings under Start-Settings-Control Panel-Sound and Audio Devices, going to sounds, and choosing no sounds. I learned that the hard way broadcasting...nothing like a dong to mess you up.