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8th November 2006, 12:48
I wana make my own shoutcast TV,but dont know how.

I need ur help.

Is it free?
How much it costs if its not free?
Where to set it up?
How to set it up?
Where to go?

i realy need ur help



8th November 2006, 14:07
duplicate posting will get you in trouble

read the stuff here!!! and stop posting before reading a damn thing


8th November 2006, 14:26
I dident find anything like:


and i readed all

=P help

sputnik radio
9th November 2006, 12:46
yeah i know karlo

what you need is First a shoutcast server to stream to. If you have a good enough computer and a really fast internet connection you can host your own shoutcast dnas server. IF not you will have to either pay someone to host your stream or you can install shoutcast dnas on a remote server.

Second you need NSV tools which stans for Null Soft Video.

Get those things sorted out let us all know where you stand for futher instruction.

9th November 2006, 13:20
I got ADSL...realy fast internet and a realy good computer...i need you (please if posible) to find me wherew can i get "NSV tools which stans for Null Soft Video".

is NSV tools free or? if not give me a link where i can find it cheap please,if its free somewhere give me link to...

Thanks, best regards

9th November 2006, 13:26
Im just downloading NSV tools-setup.exe...
Finaly found it =)
I found it on offical NSV web site...

9th November 2006, 13:48

post your stuff in the NSV forum. And read the sticky posts and use SEARCH


I wish I could tell you click HERE and all your worries will be addressed. NSV isnt just download and install, and its been BETA forever! It takes reading, and knowing how to read other people's posts , a video capture card, and more than DSL since NSV uses a shitload of bandwidth.

Also make sure you have permission to broadcast the content as well :) too many people get sued and busted for broadcasting unlicensed material (just a word of caution)


9th November 2006, 13:52
Also make sure you have permission to broadcast the content as well


and i nee ur help,i got NSV instaled...what now?

9th November 2006, 13:58

read, stop posting in two threads about the same topic and take your questions to the RIGHT forum part.

9th November 2006, 14:56

STOp the !@!@#!@# WHAT NOW.. read the damn docs and posts that 1000s of people have all ready posted on how to get going. It takes quite a bit of effort on your part and not someone else that say ok hold your hand, tell you to click , this, then this then this then this. Each setup is different when it comes to putting video on the internet, including having to get codec's to decode/encode the video..;

PERMISSION: As in your can't take TV programs and broadcast them, in the USA this is illegal unless you have a license to DO it.

You are totally clueless in the firstplace, so you need to STOP POSTING 'NOW WHAT'

read the damn posts in the NSV forum and READ. READ READ READ

~ D

sputnik radio
9th November 2006, 15:25
yeah go read for like a week and try to figure things out . If in a week from now you still cant figure it all out. Then go the NSV forums and ask what you still cant solve.

good luck

10th November 2006, 13:40
I think lets say,got the most of things.

I donwloadet & instaled nsvgui7.
And i got a server (and payed)...

And now i need to know what to enter there.

The host adress,the port.

I entered it from my account and it works but i dont see my tv on the winamp


i think i need only a bit of help and im done

10th November 2006, 13:42
i got all and got to the port and host and thoose stuffs things...i got my account (server) password and all but i need winamp host i think

sputnik radio
10th November 2006, 14:51
Originally posted by Karlo
i got all and got to the port and host and thoose stuffs things...i got my account (server) password and all but i need winamp host i think

again. Wrong forum

you need to be in the NSV forum.

All your going to do is piss alot of folks off if you don't ask your questions in the appropriate forum. And they will never help you with anything ever again.

I will PM you.

28th November 2006, 13:58
Hmm where do you get the software to host a server and to convert the videos etc???

SCPanel . NET
29th November 2006, 03:23
Tutorial is right here: http://forums.winamp.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=152