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8th November 2006, 20:33
:igor: Hello to one and all:
I listen to internet radio music using Shoutcast and bookmark radio sites so I don't have to hunt for them again.
My question is how do I export the bookmarks (my list of radio stations) on my desktop, so I can import them on my laptop?
Mucho thanks for any and all assistance.
Have a real good day.

8th November 2006, 21:01
Option 1 (not recomended): click the bookmark links so they load in the pl. Save the pl on your flash drive. remove flash drive from computer and insert in laptop. Import the playlists.

Option 2: c;\program files\winamp\ look for a file called winamp.bm (it is described as a bm file). Copy that ... to your flash drive. remove flash drive and insert in laptop. copy winamp.bm file back to the root directory of winamp.

bm means it is a bookmark file.... which is really only a simple test file.


8th November 2006, 21:12
I saw the .bm file in the Winamp folder, but did not think it was relevant. So much for thinking. Thanks again.

8th November 2006, 21:18
no problem.

Glad I was actually helpful to someone!