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10th November 2006, 13:47
I wanted to pass on this widget I created and I think shoutcast users may be interested in developing for their online stations. The widget shows the current song playing,last 10 songs,upcoming 10 songs(depending on your automation software),last US and World news that open in your browser when clicked, email link to radio station owner that opens with predefined subject and opening line, links to download winamp and play controls built into widget. The possibilities are endless and something your listeners may be interested in. I am not advertising this but sharing my creation in hopes that others will share there tweaks and tricks for streaming. You can check out the widget at PaxKel Radio Widget (http://www.scottpaxton.com/PaxKel.html) Right now it works soley on the Opera broswer but I am developing a stand alone version that I will offer FREE to interested shoutcast streamers. Drop me a line to let me know what you think and I hope that this doesnt step over the bounds of the forum. I am a happy shoutcast streamer and this is something that has allowed my station to shine and step up the listeners role in the station. By the way I am streaming 48k aac+. Thanks
Scott P

9th April 2008, 17:00
where's the site to get d widget?

9th April 2008, 17:26
You can get the widget at


Let me know if that helps.