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11th November 2006, 04:32
Ok I need advice here..........

I am looking to start an Internet Radio Talk Show, but with minimal start-up costs. If been to numerous websites and it seems the cost to broadcast is not cheap. Is this Shoutcast free??????

I've always wanted to broadcast on the radio and thought why not get this hobby going.

Again this is going to be just a hobby to see if I can take this to the next level. I will be able to establish a listener base from a message board I post on.

Also, any programs you can suggest to broadcast intro music, sound effects, record broadcasts, and sound clips would be great.

Thanks in advance to all who reply to this post.

Also please post links to you radio shows..........


11th November 2006, 05:16
Start with reading the sticky threads both in this forum part and in the tech support part

heres some handy tutorials

Read the Winamp Read me (http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=246636)
IORSN Streaming Tutorial (http://www.allinternetradio.com/shoutcast.asp)
Evil Lu's Local Streaming Tutorial (http://www.sp0rky-n00b.co.uk/localcast.htm)
Evil Lu's Fixing Nak Errors (http://sp0rky-n00b.co.uk/nakerror.html)
IORSN Fixing Nak Errors (http://www.allinternetradio.com/shoutcast-firewalls.asp)

READ untill you can't see another printed word.

12th November 2006, 03:53
Well I cant give you much help but can say this much if you are just looking to do a talk show for a while you should be able to handle it off of your computer just to get going..

So then its all free of cost

sputnik radio
12th November 2006, 13:14
shoutcast is free.

Bandwith is not

like the above poster said. You can get started by installing your shoutcast DNAS server on your home computer and use a service that will give you a static IP if you don't already have one. That should get you at least started.

If you expect quite a few listeners you will have to eventually purchase stream hosting from one of the hundreds of providers that frequent this forum.

good luck.

13th November 2006, 01:14
Originally posted by sputnik radio
shoutcast is free.

Bandwith is not

like the above poster said. You can get started by installing your shoutcast DNAS server on your home computer and use a service that will give you a static IP if you don't already have one.

ok so i downloaded the DNAS server on my CPU and checked my ipconfig and didn't see anything about a static ip.

I also downloaded Winamp

I have broadband service with my cable company.

I am not computer savey like many of you so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

What else is there to do?????/


13th November 2006, 02:22
Well, how do you connect to the Internet? If it's a cable straight in, then it should be the same. In any case, No-ip offers this program (http://www.no-ip.com/downloads.php?sid=ef46d180438d3f81841ed768b68dfbe7) that will do the static business if you want to be 100% sure.

And yeah, the stickies should have everything that you'll ask about doing music and stuff. I recommend going to Creative Commons for music you can broadcast...then you can use Audacity (with the VST plugin) to make instrumentals to talk over.

13th November 2006, 05:11
you just want to do a show right? here are my suggestions then.

-find a station to do your show on, they will foot the server bill

-record your show

-upload your show and 'podcast' it

now you are spending no more money than what your mic and other equipment cost.

13th November 2006, 05:30
If you want to start up a talk radio show in podcastable form (because almost nobody broadcasts these things live, unless they have several people to help produce / online edit in realtime, it's just too much to handle for one person - and even then they'd be made available as podcasts afterwards), you're going to have to budget for at LEAST £300-400 for purchasing decent kit along with other involved costs (I guess you could budget for $400-500 given the exchange rate, but sorry, I work in GBP cause I'm a Brit ;))... Internet listeners are notoriously fickle; to the Internet the quality of your stuff is only as good as the last thing they heard, so you need to be consistently good in terms of both quality and content.

I'm leaving the content part up to you, but you NEED to get decent gear in order to produce high-quality, listenable (and tolerable!) audio. A cheapy cheap Radio Shack mic will just NOT do. You need, ideally, a small mixing desk with one or two DECENT condenser mics, with some kind of outboard recording device (the iRiver DAPs are great for that kinda thing, as they can double as hard-drive based recorders with a Line In socket to take the Mix output from your mixer) - go Google for 'guide to podcasting' or stuff like that, there's loads of guides and tutorials on how to set up a great podcast.

The reason I say you need this kit is because you don't want to be, for one thing, tied down to sitting in front of your computer - you get loads of computer noise from the fans, AC hum quite possibly if you have ground loops, and you're totally NOT portable. There's a lot of post-production editing goes into making the final versions of podcasts, if you're doing a talk radio cast you're most likely gonna have several segments with various people, and if you have a small, portable setup you have the freedom to go on location - to cafés, bars, out in the city, other peoples' houses, the local park - anywhere. That also gives your show variety and keeps the interest up. Also, learn how to use your gear - that's also as important as having good gear.

You can get away with cheap, budget equipment for a couple of shows at the most - but if you want to start out on the right foot, and keep your listeners interested in good-sounding, clear audio, you gotta invest. A number of companies have just started doing dedicated podcaster-oriented packages of kit, including Behringer (good value equipment which works pretty well, and their price tags are VERY palatable - I recommend them if your budget is small), Alesis also does a kit which is (undoubtedly) more expensive, along with a few other companies...

... To find out more about all this stuff, go listen to the Digital Media Cast Experiment podcast, I tune in every so often and take a listen and I'm pretty sure the stuff the guy talks about holds a fair amount of relevance to you!

http://odeo.com/channel/33775/view for his shows and http://dmcex.com/ for his site.

One last note, sometimes the Odeo site doesn't play back the podcasts at the right speed (it can happen if the samplerate of the MP3s isn't recognised correctly by the Odeo Flash player, and everything sounds 'chipmunked') so it's best to either download the MP3s or stream them in your media player of choice. There's a link to each file on the Odeo page for each show, or you can grab them from the dmcex.com site yourself.

Best of luck with your venture...

13th November 2006, 20:02
Chris check you PM.............

I am all set-up to broadcast and ran some sample tracks to test and all is good........

Can anyone suggest programs to stream a live talk show????

1st December 2006, 20:27
I can get you on for free.

Send me an email for the details.