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11th November 2006, 21:20
Well mm i'm new here and i like the idea of having a player on a website, like this for example [img=http://img456.imageshack.us/img456/4870/ressu9.th.jpg] (http://img456.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ressu9.jpg) I already have the .asx file, could anyone help me on the html/script?

11th November 2006, 23:26
no javascript needed

just embedding the windows media player is what you need to do.

Also does the ASX file you talked about point to a real shoutcast server? you need a shoutcast server to connect to using the ASX file or the embedded player.

either google for windows media player embedded or visit www.streamsolutions.co.uk and look at the scripts and embedded examples. Just edit the code to match your shoutcast server settings.

~ D