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14th November 2006, 15:00
Hi there, wondering if people can help me sort out everything, here is my situation..

I'm here because i would like to have a show on a radio station, however i have no experience at all of this, so i figured if i got my own station started i could use this to broadcast when i wanted to, and get myself some experience and learn as i went along.

I've got the station, its all set up, however im only allowed about 20 listeners and its streaming at 24kps.

I've searched the forum and read a load of stuff both on here and on other websites, but to be honest theres that much information saying things its all a bit blurred really.

What im after is some advice from someone who has experience of starting from scratch, all i have at the moment is my station, nothing else.

Extra bandwidth? how much? how cheap?
How to promote things? again, cost?
A radio website?
A license? which one?

I've seen guides and things which give me options for the above, but im looking for peoples experiences in getting the above.

And of course, if i do go the way i want to, i want to be an actual show DJ not just on my own station, unless other people became involved in my station.

I hope that half makes sense, sorry if it doesnt, and any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Craig

sputnik radio
14th November 2006, 15:45
I sent you a PM

14th November 2006, 17:00
For bandwidth see http://www.radiotoolbox.com/hosts
there are plenty of reviewed hosts there for you to look at, dont spend a fortune just grow into what you need.

Look for quality hosting as getting a station up and running is hard enough without having the main element eg the server falling over and creating more work and a bad image,
There are plenty of options available for you to keep your server 24/7 when no one is live and reducing the work for you, so its worth looking into different sites.

Promotion is just plain and simple hard work,
the competition is stiff and its a never ending challenge.
be prepared to throw some money at it as its worth getting in the right places.

For a website goto www.scriptlance.com and post your job and let them bid for your work.
always get a mock up first to see what you are paying for and again cost is for you to decide.

For licensing this depends on your location.
do your homework and make sure you are getting what you pay for,

search for licensing on these boards and it will dig up plenty of discussion on the subject.

Looking at your nic it looks like you're from the uk so heres an interesting post from some of our uk clients worth a read.

Good luck youre gonna need it.