View Full Version : how do i listen to mystream on a network?

sputnik radio
15th November 2006, 00:27
Hey I have a 2 computer network using just plain old winxp network

One computer has Ip adress:

the other computer has an IP adress

the .101 is the one I use to stream . The one I have winamp DSP running on

What I want to do is listen to my stream in winamp computer to computer without having to tune in at my remote server.

I want to tune into my stream locally

is there anyway to do that?

ps I tried playing url in winamp using but it did not work

sputnik radio
15th November 2006, 00:48
which leads me to another question.

If I install sc_dnas on my computer number 2

the one that does not stream and i stream to it will that work?

Also very important.

Do I have to be using a windows server like IIS on my computer to run DNAS or do i just install it in a folder under c: or something?

15th November 2006, 02:21
if the computers are aware of each other then you should be able to tune into the broadcasting server by using your IP and port ... you may need to add /listen.pls to the end of the link, but the bare ip : port should pull up the dnas page....

you do not need to be running anything like IIS on your computer to start a DNAS stream. Most of my boxes are simple versions of linux or Windows XP boxes. All you should need to do is install DNAS.