View Full Version : Radio Online on LAN

15th November 2006, 04:23
i would like to make radio online on our network,we are also have internet connection..but we want to hear radio on LAN..
how the configuration??
second question,why when i install shoutcast server shoutcast-1.9.7..when i click preferences - DSP - the plugin is not shown at all..
i had restart but still doesnt work..please help me

15th November 2006, 08:58
Same way you set up any other SHOUTcast stream. Just make sure that "Make this stream public" is not checked on the Yellow Pages section of the SHOUTcast DSP.

Also, the SHOUTcast DNAS (Server) is just there server, it is not the DSP as well. It is two different downloads.

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Read the tutorials there on help setting up a stream.