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18th November 2006, 13:03
I have been told that in order to transmit through shoutcast I should pay to SGAE (Spain) otherwise I would be playing music ilegally. Is it true?. What should I do?
Where do I get more information about it?

Thank You

18th November 2006, 13:23
I dunno about the specifics of your country, but yes, as a general rule of thumb every country has some agency that you need to pay royalities to in order to play music legally.

If you broadcast copyright music, then you need to pay them.

get information on it be googling SGAE. In the states we generally use loudcity, though there are others. However, they are probably not going to work for you due to your location.

18th November 2006, 14:59
contact SGAE for more information. Rather get a license than end up in jail.

~ d