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19th November 2006, 04:35
I read all the stickies but my question hasnt been answered..

I want to know how to run shoutcast on a stream. when i learn a radio station will let me be dj.

I want to learn how to use it but i havent seen any good tutorials or anything

19th November 2006, 04:52
First off if you are clueless, how are you going to DJ?? Most stream want people with experience. No offense bud.

Shoutcast on a stream, well you have'nt understood the sticky posts if you read them. Shoutcast would be the STREAM itself.

If you stream from your own computer all you need is WINAMP with the shoutcast DSP, and the shoutcast server downloaded and installed. I would start there before your tried to DJ onto someone else server.

Also the sticky posts have tons of links you need to click on and read up on including tutorials. Check our the sticky posts in the tech support forum as well.

Once you start playing with shoutcast and know how to do it yourself, then see if someone will let you DJ on their server. Again without experience you wont get far, nothing more aggravating that having someone use your servers bandwidth and they don't know anything about it.

Take care

~ d

19th November 2006, 05:34
heres some handy tutorials to get you going

Read the Winamp Read me before posting (http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=246636)
IORSN Streaming Tutorial (http://www.allinternetradio.com/shoutcast.asp)
Evil Lu's Local Streaming Tutorial (http://www.sp0rky-n00b.co.uk/localcast.htm)
Evil Lu's Fixing Nak Errors (http://sp0rky-n00b.co.uk/nakerror.html)
IORSN Fixing Nak Errors (http://www.allinternetradio.com/shoutcast-firewalls.asp)

19th November 2006, 17:34
First off if you are clueless, how are you going to DJ?? Most stream want people with experience. No offense bud.

just because someone has no shoutcast experience does
not automatically make them unworthy.
he could be the highest paid club dj in his country and still
not understand how to stream.
In my experience stations often take time to explain,
provide their own faqs and sometimes like i did for nsv
provide preconfigured software setup in an installer.

19th November 2006, 18:59
exactly i've read 20-40 posts tutorials and i have it setup but not anywhere does it explain HOW to play the music..

19th November 2006, 19:04
ok question:
do you want to stream external music (i.e from decks/mixer)?


do you want to stream mp3s that are on your pc ?

19th November 2006, 22:49
mp3's on my pc

20th November 2006, 00:07
Thats pretty easy, just play them in Winamp while you are connected to the server :)

You will need to click the Input tab at the top of the DSP window and make sure that "Winamp (recommended)" is selected. Then click on the Main tab at the top and you should see the level meters jump up and down when you play music.

20th November 2006, 00:22
hmm, how to play music, umm WINAMP :)

If you can play music you can stream it using winamp with the shoutcast DSP and a server to connect to.

Unworthy or not. I would suggest you doing it yourself to get used to the fact that is take a bit of time to learn how to use it. Also when you are doing live DJ's you will find either your voice over is too loud, too soft or doesn't work. I wish there was a 1 line answer. There's not, each piece of audio hardware has it own setup/drivers and some are easier to deal with e.g. soundblaster. So install shoutcast server and the DSP and get rocking. See how easy or hard it is. Once thing you will find out fast is how simple and limitted you are with the FREE stuff out there. You might want to consider getting SAM broadcaster it has tons of additional tools that winamp and the plugin lack (its not free mind you, $199 USD).


~ d