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19th November 2006, 17:54
I have a shoutcast server that I run AAC+ 64kb, with a max of 10 listeners. I only broadcast it live, so that AAC+ is always being used (mp3 mode at 64kb sounds like shit,lol). I'm not always streaming, but the server is always up. So, if anyone wants to broadcast from it, we can work out some times or days or whatever. Everything is all paid for, just looking to share the station basically. I play metal, but you can broadcast anything you want. Email me, or just visit me on my site (http://skeptic.co.nr) , and we can figure it all out.

Assholes need not apply, hahaha.

dubai radiocast
19th November 2006, 20:07
cool man ... i can play some alternative or dance music .. which ihave alot

20th November 2006, 06:09
our new AAC+ content delivery systems could keep it live for you when your not playing live :)