View Full Version : Shoutcast "Tune In" doesn't open

23rd November 2006, 01:58
When clicking Tune In on Shoutcast nothing happens - the station does not open in Winamp (5.31).
If I drag the station from Shoutcast to the Winamp window then it works. That goes for any station.
Whats wrong ?

23rd November 2006, 02:29
Sounds like a browser issue, then.
But make sure Winamp is associated with the PLS extension.

23rd November 2006, 11:53
Thanks for your reply.
Just checked - PLS is among associated extensions.
I use Firefox but it's the same with IE.
Any other suggestion ?

24th November 2006, 18:30
make sure winamp agent is enabled:

Preferences|File Types|Enable Winamp Agents

24th November 2006, 23:23
Tnx for the suggestion - Winamp Agent is enabled,
but that does not help.
Any more hint anyone ?

sputnik radio
25th November 2006, 00:10
uninstall winamp and reinstall the latest version.

25th November 2006, 02:56
@sputnik radio
Even though I had done that earlier to 5.31 and that didn't
improve things - I gave it yet another try with 5.32 and that
did it ! Tnx for the push.

25th November 2006, 02:59
well is not a bug with shoutcast or winamp. It works for me, I use IE7 or FF 2.0 (preferred ).

It's your system.

looks like you got it fixed too.. doh.