View Full Version : Auto connects to servers

23rd November 2006, 12:56
Any of you running servers out there.... how do you feel about auto reconnecting clients???

See, one of my boxes went down a few nights ago and I just recently caught it (because I never check it because that one never crashes. I must have done something to induce it when I pushed out a round of security patches). Anyway, I restarted the stream and immediately there were like 10 people back on the stream. I know it did not list that quick and people jumped on that fact because the yp had not even reached out to touch the server yet.

Anyway, these are clearly not people who are truly listening as the server was down for about 10 hours. Which also makes me think these are people that are ripping the stream using one of the more tricky methods (only one connection per IP and giving valid program names for the connection).

Just wanted to know some thoughts as I finger the ban button.....

24th November 2006, 18:27

Auto reconnecting clients is like not being able to uninstall AOL. MAKES ME MAD!:mad: