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23rd November 2006, 20:16
i need your advice

hi winamp forum members,

i am seeking an earlier version of winamp so that i can watch TV shows on streaming video.

i am currently on the campus of a university in a small town in Iowa. there is a network protection that prevents downloading TV shows and other media, and the speed of the campus DSL is quite slow. and i have no TV nor cable TV. when i view for example Fox video streaming online, it cuts out frequently and is choppy between being clear.

i want to view TV shows in streaming video, not download them because the university system i am on will not permit large video downloads.

anyway, a friend of mine told me that the solution is to download an earlier version of winamp, because he said that it can play TV shows on the shoutcast channels that will allow them to stream well even though the network i am on is too slow to play the streaming on the FOX TV (for example) without locking up since our connection speed is too slow. i think i recall him saying that is because the earlier version of Winamp will allow me to set the resolution to lower quality so that the video will play OK with a slower network speed. (the speed indicator on my laptop says 100 Mbps, but i cannot believe the network connection here is that fast, since the videos i watch on streaming are so choppy.)

so, i would be very very grateful if you would be so kind as to help me do this:

1) which version of winamp do i really need?

2) how do i find the channel with the TV shows i want to watch?

3) how do i watch the TV shows i want? (i am mostly interested in the upcoming season of "24" on Fox, but also Prison Break, CSI Miami, Daybreak, and other shows)

thanks so very much in advance for your kind assistance.

Lewis Weiss lewisweiss@yahoo.com

23rd November 2006, 21:42
dude. seriously... nsv (video streaming) streams what people wanna play/have rights to play. This is not a replacment for TV.

Older versions of winamp and be found at www.oldversion.com .

Ummmm wouldn't it be easier to but an ati tv capture card for your computer ... those are only about $100 .... heck, if you can't afford it (I understand the poor college student) ask for it as a gift ... x-mas is coming and the goose is getting phat.

23rd November 2006, 22:39
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24th November 2006, 00:20
also be aware that the NSV streams showing 24, and other programs most of the time its BOOTLEG! You will not find current TV shows since it takes months/years to get the rights to rebroadcast them, and with TV shows going to DVD less are legit on the internet.

~ d