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29th November 2006, 21:49
I currently stream my server at my home. I was thinking since it is becoming around the holidays, mabye I could hook my server up with some christmas music instead of what it is playing now. I can only do this if I actually get people to listen to the server... What do you think of the idea?
I have also made a personal website for the server:


My server is the one listed as "Shuffle"

29th November 2006, 21:59
I do that around x-mas... usually pull in more listeners than I do what what I usually stream...

30th November 2006, 01:20
Well, i'm thinking about do it, only if I could get some visitors to start with.

sputnik radio
30th November 2006, 02:12
Originally posted by zv32
Well, i'm thinking about do it, only if I could get some visitors to start with.

stream in aacplus and make sure your listed in the yp

youll get visitors promise.

30th November 2006, 05:43
Thanks! Could you give me some info about this, like where to get it, or how to use it? I currently use winamp.

30th November 2006, 12:08
Switch it to aacPlus in the encoder. If you need help starting a station, etc check out tutorials below by clicking SHOUTcast 101.

30th November 2006, 20:39
Okay, I've got it. Now, once it is on there, what does it do? How would it get me more hits?

30th November 2006, 21:16
aac+ allows you to stream at lower bitrates but sound like higher bitrates.

30th November 2006, 21:18
well.... aac+ would not get you more hits ... but then again it kinda does. Grey area!!! Grey area!!!! It will not attract more people to your stream, instead...

It gives you more slots. Basically 128k mp3 = 64k aac+ in terms of sound quality. So, say you could host 20 people at 128k mp3. Well, you could make it 40 people at 64k aac+ and not loose any sound quality.

The catch is it is a new format. iTunes does not support it, WMP does but you need to download a codec for it, VLan does, and clearly winamp does.

1st December 2006, 04:07
I will be sure to take your info into consideration. Thanks alot!

5th December 2006, 03:31
Done to death. Forget it. At any bitrate, in any format.

Some stations now stream this shite 365 days a year. Jeez, i bet the admins can't even STAND to check their own streams.

Time for a new idea, huh?

6th December 2006, 05:40
The farthest I go is to add about 100 rock Xmas tracks into the playlist for request but that's it. It's a novelty but where will your listeners be in 30 days? Gone.

6th December 2006, 22:12
different crowds. DOnt really lose them... Well, you do, but you pickup a new crowd.

Most actual loyal listeners are bright enough to know that christmas ends around december 25th, so they will take a gander at your stream again back in the new year.

Hell, some of mine actually swing both ways, so I never loose a few...

9th December 2006, 00:47
I'm all for it. Based on the favorable response from my listener, I think it's a good thing. Just don't over do it. The only time you get a pure stream of Christmas music here is on Christmas eve. It brings back sweet childhood memories for me.