View Full Version : Can I connect Radio FM to PC and distribute them online?

3rd December 2006, 13:11
I just wondering if there is possible way to connect radio fm to computer and then broadcast them through internet.


sputnik radio
3rd December 2006, 13:18
you mean you want air a local fm station online to the internet?

Yes you can . There two ways to do it.

ONe way is if you are in the RAdio studio you get shoutcast dsp installed on windows and stream up to a dnas server and pipe your sound into your winamp.

another way is to plug a headphone jack up to your radio while recieiving the fm signal and then doing the same thing by piping it into winamp running shoutcast dsp and streaming it up to a dnas server.

howerver unless you are working for the radio station or whatever or have their permission you would probably be breaking the law.

now if you did it on a private server that only you could access because you wanted to listen to your radio at work or something. They may not give a hoot about that. but then again they probably would already have an online precense themselves

3rd December 2006, 13:33
Thanks dude...

Regarding breaking the laws, we will handle them. Is there any more details how to do it?

sputnik radio
3rd December 2006, 20:15
get shoutcast dsp installed into winamp

find you a stream host that will host your stream and provide you with a relay server or install shoucat dnas on your on home computer if you have the bandwith

read the tutorials in the technical support forum.