View Full Version : shoutcast server slot trades?

4th December 2006, 07:49
its an idea i am throwing around. I broadcast warcraft 3 radio


i broadcast radio on evenings mostly, and weekends more. My max listeners ever is 7, average is more like 1-2.

anyways, i wanted to see if anyone with a dedicated soutcast server would be willing to trade like say 20-30 slots, for say 30gigs webhosting and unlimited bandwidth. My server caps me to about 10 listeners, and sometimes kills my process.

anyways, most likely it would be 2 users on evenings, and weekends (if i advertise well in forums for warcraft) at most 15+. but i would like to be able to provide more if the situation needs, such as upcoming tournamets we wanna shoutcast teh coerage (that can be 50kbps mono).

so, just throwing this out there, im not even sure ill need it, but i kinda wanted to check if it was available before i did.

4th December 2006, 07:51
oh, you can respond here, or PM or AIM if you wanna talk

4th December 2006, 09:14
If you have 'unlimited' bandwidth, I can't see why its a problem hosting a bandwidth heavy server yourself?

Of course - there is no such thing...

4th December 2006, 18:25
well, i have over a terabyte of bandwidth, so lets say ill give unlimited until it becomes a problem, which i dont really see it becoming unless there are the rarest of circumstanes. My problem is my server kill CPU processes once they get too high, so after i hit aobut 7 listeners, which has only happened once, the process gets eliminated -_-;

I would even be willing to pay monthly i decided, contribute to someone who has a nice server ... but i dont want to take the step yet to purchase my OWN dedicated shoutcast server. if anyone has some slots they can spare, and were talking this is just hobby radio, i would be willign to talk

i did some thinking, and i would even be willing to