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4th December 2006, 20:06
Hey guys, those of you who are familiar with Statistics Version 3 will know that it's a Statistics program for SHOUTcast, Returning information about the server such as listener count and things. Basically i just want some ideas for some new features for the new version 4, which will be designed in vb.net. Information about ideas i have already is here (http://www.rysinonline.com/articles/30_11_06_Statistics4.html). One of the main ideas has been to be able to upload statistics... can some of you tell me your own ideas as to how you would like this done; in what way, what would you do with the uploaded stats etc.?

Ryan :):up:

4th December 2006, 21:30
I'm considering returning DNAS/Station stats/info as an RSS feed. There's just so many XML/RSS versions out there...

5th December 2006, 15:11
Is this something you would like to be coded into Statistics Version 4? different ways of uploading the stats maybe? including RSS, FTP (an HTML file which you could put in an iFrame tag?) these are some of the ideas i am getting... Any others?