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sputnik radio
7th December 2006, 21:06

say for instance i have 3 different streams at 3 different bitrates . And on my website I want to have only one button or link that users click to open the stream.

problem is i have 3 streams

is there anyway you guys can think of to where if they click a link that it will attempt to connect to stream one . If stream one is full then it will attempt to connect to stream 2 and so on and so on.

maybe a playlist file or something?

7th December 2006, 21:15
that is exactly how you could do it.

Just put all three IPs and ports into the playlist file. If one is full, winamp will boujnce to the next and so on...

7th December 2006, 21:28
so just put the IPs in a .pls file?

7th December 2006, 21:30
yep. along with the port and the /listen.pls...

SO, it would look like http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8000/listen.pls

A pls file is simply a text file renamed with the .pls extension...

7th December 2006, 21:38
yeah i did that but i guess my server that i uploaded it to doesnt support .pls cause when i click on it, it just comes up with a text file

7th December 2006, 21:43
make sure you have listen.pls and not listen.pls.txt

and theres no need to hide your ip or no one will ever find your streams ;)

7th December 2006, 21:46
If it doesn't work you can give .M3U a try, but you would need to contact your webhost to get the MIME-Types updated

7th December 2006, 22:00
yea actually m3u is preferred as it is more universally adopted.

Also it may not be neccessary to contact your host just make a .htaccess file and include in that file AddType mime ext.

7th December 2006, 22:23
lol alright thanks it seems it was the .m3u that works the best cause thats what works on my server

sputnik radio
7th December 2006, 23:35
thanks guys. I thought it wasnt that hard.

Im just getting sick of this whole click here for this click here for that.

I just want one freaking button to play my music so i can create a nice snazzy lil radio player gadget image thingy.

7th December 2006, 23:54
I just did mine like this. This one will open in VLC player, where other ways it will not.

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sputnik radio
8th December 2006, 00:00

but heres my dealeo

im doin aacplus on all 3 streams. Now i am thinking about making my 64k stream a regular mp3 stream so i can get on itunes and stuff

so that leads to a few more questions

1. What is the best set up for doing mp3 at 64k?
a. Stereo?
b. dual stereo?
c. Straight stream or mp3pro? ( i heard mp3pro ties up server resources)

2. If i create a playlist that will attempt to connect the user to the first stream and then that one is not available or whatever it tries the next one. Will it be better for me to name the stream adress in the (pls or m3u) file as a .asx instead of .pls so that if someone has mediaplayer with orbin plugin it will play? or if someone has winamp it will play (because my winamp plays asx files, infact my winamp plays all audio on my computer)

So what would be the best option?

I think that if someone has winamp then winamp would pick up the stream. If someone has media player then mediaplayer will attempt to pick it up and if not i could have a side note for them to download and install orbin.

what do yall think?

8th December 2006, 00:53
I believe that m3u is more widely accepted/plays better with others.

Do not use mp3pro. Never gotten too much of a hold because of cpu demand.

I just ripped a shit load of music from CD to my server using dual stereo. Now maybe I totally missed the ball on something, but is sounds like piss. Isn't dual stereo supposed to be better than stereo?

I had more sound coming out of the left front speaker than the right speaker and a shit load coming out of the center.

Yes my speakers are configured properly. I know how to do that. But why the change in channels??? I now need to go back and redo the rips as stereo so it sounds good.

Ripped good mix cds too....

10th December 2006, 15:01
I'd go for MP3 mono at 64k - really stereo doesn't sound all that good unless you're streaming 80k or higher.