View Full Version : Can i connect using a rooter?

9th December 2006, 13:29
ive herd people say that if u have a rooter like wireless you cant use shotcast is this true?
i really want to use it becuase at the mo i cant afford to buy a server.
thanks and please reply:up:

sputnik radio
9th December 2006, 13:46
what is your exact set up?

are you using a wireless connection to your isp?

or is it just a wireless terminal on your home network?

are you trying to host your shoutcast server on your local computer or are you using a relay server?

9th December 2006, 13:49
im basicly using a rooter, (beklin) so i can use my laptop as well, but people had said to me if i have a rooter it dont connect

sputnik radio
9th December 2006, 13:58
so you are trying to stream up to your local network using a laptop. And your local network is connected to an ISP right?

You should be able to stream from your laptop to your local network no problem. I've done it before . But beware. That laptops over heat when you let them stream for hours and hours.

just make sure you have all your ports forwarded in your router and make sure you dont have any firewalls blocking your stream .

you should be able to do it.

however you will need to stream to a shoutcast DNAS server .

either on your local machine or on a relay server somewhere.

that is up to you.

i recommend you reading the "how to" threads on the tech support forum.

9th December 2006, 14:00

You can broadcast from a wireless in home network. However, it is not advised because wirless is not that great of a connection and it can fade in and out.

Anytime this happens it will effect your listener base. That is why we recommend broadcasting from a box that is wired into your network via a cable.

However, it is not working over your router because you have not setup port forwarding. Go here www.portforward.com to do that. You need to select your beklin router along with SHOUTcast as the application and you will be given instructions online to accomplish that goal.

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9th December 2006, 14:01
i thank you, ill try it ty for yr support!

sputnik radio
9th December 2006, 14:03
yeah you can have some fade ins and outs using a wirless.

but in my case its like only a few feet away so i never had any real problems.

one thing i would do . Is go in and MAC filter out all MAC adresses from being able to access your wirless connection except your own mac adress.

I had to do this because I had like 10 people connecting to my wirless. And for some reason WEP did not work on my laptop