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9th December 2006, 18:06
Hi, is there a way to play music streamed in the listeners fav player?

Is there a script or something?


9th December 2006, 18:17
No you can't stream it like that , but you can offer links on your website that opens the player of choise

take a look here

9th December 2006, 19:40
No thats not exactly what I ment, its helpful, but thats not what I was looking for. Here let me rephrase:

Okay, when the listener clicks on a link for say, it downloads a file and then it opens the favorite media player and then they listen to it. I already have a embedded audio on my site.

9th December 2006, 19:43
no. that is based upon personal browser settings. If he user has their default mp3 player set to iTunes and you want it to open in Winamp, there is nothing you can do about that.

It is a matter of personal choice that you can not take away from people. :)

9th December 2006, 19:49
I don't think you guys are understanding me. I want the user to download the file so they don't always have to visit my site to listen.

I know this is 100% possible, I just don't know how.

9th December 2006, 19:56
you are correct. I got you now.

you want to give them your direct tune in link:


edit: More info:

Your default listen link is compatible in Winamp and Itunes.

If you want to make a link for Windows Media Player, make sure your webhost has mime enabled. Then, copy and paste this into notepad:

<asx version="3.0">
<ref href="http://IP HERE:8000" />
<title>GIVE THE STREAM A TITLE</title>
<author>NAME YOUR STATION HERE</author>
<copyright>SOMETHING TO DISPLAY HERE</copyright>

Make the appropriate changes then save it as giveatitlehere.asx.
Now you can upload to a web host or send to a friend to open to listen.

For Real player, you can simply paste http://youriphere:8000 in notepad and then save it as giveatitlehere.ram.

sputnik radio
9th December 2006, 19:57

never mind

Fc*Uk answered it for me

9th December 2006, 20:37
The listen in Windows Media Player I get this:

In Internet Explorer 7:

Tha-Radio - Tha-Radio.net.tc Copyright 2006 Tha-Radio - All music played is copyright to their respected owners.

In Firefox:

I get the code you gave above.

9th December 2006, 20:41
are you sure the file only has a .asx extension ... or that the browser helper applications are properly configured to handle asx files?

Honestly, I have no idea what the problem could be. The two items above are about the only thing that comes to mind.

Could me mime types on your host as well. Is mime enabled on the host?

9th December 2006, 21:12
I am not sure if they are , im using Xampp server, but I havn't tried it on my real host.

Meh, ill figure out a way.