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9th December 2006, 18:19
Help me please,
I run a website for my business, and run my radio station on my ip, through an embedded Windows Media Player Player.
But, Soon I am buying a new domain, as my old one expires soon, and it has a new control panel.
So I dont know how to make it so i have the webaddress as www.domainnamehere.com/listen.pls instead of a link to ***.***.**.**:8000, Help would be appriciated.
(ps: I dont own domainnamehere.com, it was just an example)

9th December 2006, 18:21
www.no-ip.com or www.dyndns.org
or you setup the link on your domain that re-directs it's to your own http:// ip and port

9th December 2006, 18:21
all you need to do is upload a .pls file to your website.

examples can be found and downloaded here,