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10th December 2006, 14:53
I try to write application on the ARM microcontroler which has to receive mp3 streams (from SHOUTcast server), decode (I have already implemented mp3 decoder) and of course play them:). To be able to do it I need to get official SHOUTcast`s specification/description.
I only know that SHOUTcast`s client-server communication is done by the HTTP protocol. But unfortunately I do not know what exactly data (apart from audio, of course;)), headers etc. are sent.
Could you explain me how making connection and exchanging data between client and server (in both ways) are done? How do SHOUTast`s frames and headers look (and how big there are), as well as what data follows? I have to include all of above information in my MSc thesis, so I will be gratefull for your help. Does something like official "SHOUTast stream protocol" exist? If yes, how can I get it?

Regards and thanks for Your cooperation,

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10th December 2006, 14:59