View Full Version : Little Help Getting Started

11th December 2006, 07:36
Hello. I am just getting started here, and have a couple questions I hope to get answered here.

1. I have a shoutcast server. I want to run the station without a DJ. Am I correct in assuming you just set your playlist, and let it repeat as much as you want til you chnage it? Ot is there more to it.

2. Also, how long can a playlist actually be. Is there a limit?

3. I also wish to add a staion ID or jingle/commercial every 5 songs or so, but I am really not very techy when it comes to that. Is there anyplace that makes internet radio commercials or station ID? If so...could someone point me to them.

Thanks tons....sorry I am such a newb!

11th December 2006, 09:22
1. Yes, you just setup a playlist on Winamp and run it in a loop.

2. I dont think there is a limit on how long a playlist can be, why bother asking - just fill it up find out for yourself!

3. Try these links: