View Full Version : Broadcast Scheduling Software ? + How2 show Song Title on our Webpage?

12th December 2006, 16:45
I'm a newbie to webcasting... maybe some kind soul will help me with a few questions...

1 - Is there software that will allow us to...

.. schedule announcements/etc between songs ?
.. randomly select music
.. do other scheduling as a traditional radio station would do?

2 - What do we have to do to show the song title and artist on our web page while someone is listening?

Maybe this is the 'meta data' ??

Is there a how to or something that would help guide us through this?

3 - How can we embed a player in our web page?

Thanks for any help.


12th December 2006, 18:36
The answer to question #1 could easily be provided by third party software like AIVMS (http://www.gmpcm.com/AIVMSfeatures.htm). AIVMS can monitor your broadcast and insert a scheduled song (eg. recorded announcement in mp3 format) at a specifed time. You can also schedule a switch to a different playback folder.
The times specified need not be precise as AIVMS waits for the last song to complete before performing any switch actions.

12th December 2006, 19:11
1) I suggest SAM Broadcaster (http://www.spacialaudio.com)
2) Tell the encoder/DSP to enable title streaming and make sure your MP3 files all have ID3 tags
3) http://www.streamsolutions.co.uk/embedded/

12th December 2006, 21:29
for scheduling content you can see,

and here for the now playing scripts to go on your site.

13th December 2006, 12:49
also for scheduling software /playback software

1) www.station*************

2) www.audioenhancedps.co.uk (both scheduler/ playback software)