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13th December 2006, 20:57
Does anybody out there know of any free servers that are easy to set up? I need a server to play music in a lounge on cherrytap websight. Please Help if you could THANKS

13th December 2006, 21:02
There are no free servers, unless you have the bandwidth to run it yourself.


13th December 2006, 21:11
What is that websight u posted? I checked it out but could not figure it out...

13th December 2006, 21:14
It's a link to hosting companies

13th December 2006, 21:15
Is there a way to get add'd to somebodys server? Wouldnt that work? If so is there anybody out there willing to hook me up for free?

13th December 2006, 22:10
I don't think you'll have much luck trying to get free bandwidth. That's like asking for free electricity. The more you consume, the more it costs. Somebody's paying in the end, and unless you have a friend with spare bandwidth, you're probably going to have to buy some yourself.