View Full Version : Once You Go Mac...

15th December 2006, 14:29
I'm shopping for a new broadcast PC and I'm considering getting a Mac. So this leads me to wonder, what is the best PC for broadcasting? Does it really matter as long as you have enough memory, bandwith, etc? What do you guys and gals think?

15th December 2006, 22:47
I would prefer mac or linux over windows. Linux based OS is simply more stable and secure.

However, you will lose aac+ if you go that route...

16th December 2006, 03:15
Linux for running the server. You can leave that box running for months, even years straight with having to reboot it.

It doesn't matter for your encoder machine. Whatever has the software and hardware compatibility you need.

16th December 2006, 04:25
indeed the transcoder does not matter too much. however, note that sc_trans for *nix is being worked on and will support aac+ in the future.

When that gets here, poorman is correct. I am going to setup a linux box for all my streams and check on it once a year. Actually, I won't; I have cron do that for me.

I love linux as I am sure you can tell. Simply put nothing stops it, especially if it is debian flavoured.