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15th December 2006, 15:45
i want to protect my server with a password. so i have a website, that has a login, the webseite writes the ip from the visitor into the .rip-file.

The problem is, that the shoutcast-server doesn't reload this file automaticly. How can i tell the shoutcast-server to reload the rip-file?


15th December 2006, 19:51
Use a web http component to actually add the IP to the DNAS on the fly. That way, it not only gets written to the RIP file, but also instantly added to the server.

Format is...

Where the IP address to be added is a.b.c.d

15th December 2006, 20:11
alternatively you can use a server that supports this feature by default:


15th December 2006, 21:31
Shoutcast server has password protection built in. Look it up :)

16th December 2006, 12:18
hmm well the only time I have ever seen it is in the undocumented feature set that was incomplete a couple of years ago. It would crash on live streams. Feel free to point out the features that we are unaware of or undocumented (My readme doesn't seem to have anything on it except what was in the 1.9.2 release which is rather vague) ;).

- Development support for authentication servers. Using auth will
preclude you being able to use the SHOUTcast directory, since listeners
need authorization to listen to your server. Ask in the mailing list
for information on testing this new undocumented featureset.