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20th December 2006, 04:16
I checked to see if this question was asked, and it might have been, but it may have been in a way that I just can't comprehend for some reason. I didn't feel that I got an answer from the documentation, either, so please feel free to post the link if there's one related to what I'm asking.

Here's the situation. I want to run my own server (Apache, PHP, etc). I also want to use Shoutcast to stream different DJ sets depending on which link is clicked (on-demand). Now, do I go through a webhosting company for the BANDWIDTH for the VIEWING of the website itself. THEN, do I go to one of the recommended Shoutcast hosters for the music that I'm putting on the site (which will be linked)? Also, I keep reading how I can put the music files on my server (under the contents folder). But, if I do that, how does the Shoutcast bandwidth provider play its role? Hopefully I'm not confusing, but, the way I'm currently seeing this, is that I'll need a webhosting company for the website and another hosting company for the bandwidth for the music. Does this sound correct? I'd like to find an "all-in-one" company, but I haven't been successful. I see normal webhosting companies that would hate the bandwidth usage, and then I see the Shoutcast hosting companies that offer unlimited bandwidth but no webhosting. Please tell me if I'm at least going in the right direction with my logic. I'm pretty much completely confused. Thanks.

20th December 2006, 05:43
A space every now and than between too many lines of text makes a story easier to read

instead of typing everything side to side

start by reading the setup guides a bit better
you are at the moment mixing up 3 different things.
and live streaming on you own computer of by hosting.

heres some handy tutorials

Read the Winamp Read me (http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=246636)
IORSN Streaming Tutorial (http://www.allinternetradio.com/shoutcast.asp)
Evil Lu's Local Streaming Tutorial (http://www.sp0rky-n00b.co.uk/localcast.htm)
Evil Lu's Fixing Nak Errors (http://sp0rky-n00b.co.uk/nakerror.html)
IORSN Fixing Nak Errors (http://www.allinternetradio.com/shoutcast-firewalls.asp)

20th December 2006, 20:15

Hi !

Yes - you've got the right train of thought -

a) a web server / webhost for your website
b) a streaming server / third party stream hosting company for your broadcast - be it live or on demand.

I would stick to two different servers (i.e. physical machines) to cover a) and b). There are some great deals out there now for website hosting - which I'm sure you'll find attractive.

With regards to stream hosting - again a good variety of reputable stream hosting companies can be found at www.radiotoolbox.com/hosts

Good luck and let us know if you need further assistance.

20th December 2006, 21:13
Unless you expect to have hundreds of simultanious listeners, or otherwise expect to blast through your web hosting account's bandwidth quota, you can stream files on-demand using php such as mp3toolbox (see radiotoolbox.com). Keep in mind you'll need a web hosting company/server which uses non-overloaded servers to accomplish this effectively.

When you decide to get into live streaming, you'll definately need a reputable streaming provider.