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20th December 2006, 04:23
Hey community~! I'm a new shoutcast user!

I want to set up my own server! It ain't hard but i'm worried about some stuff... The radio station will be add-free and free for listeners to hear, BUT do i have to pay for the rights (the music rights, u know IP etc)(copyright and things like that)?

Thnx In Advance...

If any1 nows pls reply here ;)

OH ALSO, if i host my radio on a radio hosting company (like streamsolutions.co.uk) the rights aren't plaied by the company, do they?

- DJ_{Sullecy}

20th December 2006, 04:46
Yes you must pay rights fees for all the music and it varies depending on the country you are in. There are also some stupid things like in the UK you can not stream to other countries because of the rights. I understand that everyone wants their money but it's getting just plain stupid.

You also may have to pay different fees for "live streaming" and "on demand" content. This is because you are making another "recording" of the music for the on demand content, and because it can be downloaded. Or maybe it's just because they are truly greedy people that want to make life hard on the smaller webcasters.

20th December 2006, 10:38
Thank you! I 'll c what i'll do...


Does any1 know what is the average price per song?

20th December 2006, 11:52
Pricing is based on country, and in many cases ATH (Aggregate Tuning Hours). If you're in the USA, and just starting out, going with a blanket license from places like LoudCity would probably be more economical.

20th December 2006, 12:05