View Full Version : need help !

21st December 2006, 16:19
right ive just downloaded shoutcast
i just need to know how to:
change pass
sever port
and all the details
and how to veiw them plss help people

21st December 2006, 18:38
Read the Winamp Read me (http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=246636)
IORSN Streaming Tutorial (http://www.allinternetradio.com/shoutcast.asp)
Evil Lu's Local Streaming Tutorial (http://www.sp0rky-n00b.co.uk/localcast.htm)
Evil Lu's Fixing Nak Errors (http://sp0rky-n00b.co.uk/nakerror.html)
IORSN Fixing Nak Errors (http://www.allinternetradio.com/shoutcast-firewalls.asp)