View Full Version : Issue transferring playlists

22nd October 2010, 18:05
Hey guys.

I have problems transferring playlists from winamp (pc) to the android app.
It does transfer the music, and it does transfer the playlist to my SD card on my phone, but it does not see the playlist in the app, just the music.

playlists mon my SD card get saved to a folder on my root called Playlists.
they end up located there but as i said winamp doesnt read them.

Any help would be appreciated

23rd October 2010, 03:08
Hmm, anyone?

25th October 2010, 13:50
I have the same problem. The playlists are not being read by the Android app.

27th October 2010, 00:13
Me too...

27th October 2010, 09:37
When I first installed Winamp for Android I could see all the playlist that were already on the device (created them with winamp 5.57). After wiping everything and using 5.59 beta I can't even create a playlist. Maybe the problem is with Desktop Winamp.

7th November 2010, 10:47
i have the same problem :/