View Full Version : Make WinAmp Visualization plugins respond to MIC-input...

1st April 2001, 09:45
Has anyone tried this before?

We are looking for a way to make WinAmp
plugins respond to an input signal that
comes from a microphone...

Maybe there's some way to mod/fool Windows
to get this job done?
It would be nice if someone has the
answer to this question!

Tnx in advance

2nd April 2001, 21:40
The visualisation plugins only respond to the output plugins (like wave_out, etc). As there is no microphone output, this cant be done (the mic would be an input). Also, you cant 'play' a microphone can u? :d
This is my guess anyway, im not absolutely sure im right, but i bet im not far off :)

2nd April 2001, 21:42
woopd capital d innit :D

30th April 2001, 22:01

plug your mic into the line-in of your soundcard and follow sawg's instructions in the link above