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Mr. Bojanglez
28th May 2001, 01:33
Yeah I made this post to talk about my two biggest pet peeves when it comes to skinning. People who get high downloads, and/or ratings, because someone's name, someones pic, or a name of a band or product etc. is on their skin. And ppl who use tools like skin master.

First off what is it with skins that get high downloads because of the people on them. Many of these skins are crappy and only get the download cuz of some ppl who like almost nude chicks on their skin. My best example of this is the number 2 most popular skin, britney's paradise? Wtf is up with that, the skin is kinda nice, ut with out oops i did it again girl on the back no1 would downlonad it, that just really gets on my nerves to see things like that happen. sure its ok to look for a skin with your favorite singer or team on it, but at least make a skin thats good and can get downloads without the person on it.

I think that winamp shouldn't post skins made by skinmaster, etc. I think winamp should send these people a e-mail telling them to send their skin back to the "minor leagues". By minor leagues i mean sites with crap-a$$ skins on them. I know a great site its called http://www.themesunlimited.com , about 75% of the skins there are made by skin maker. This would help out a lot of people. TU (themesunlimited) would get a lot more visitors and users, and winamp wouldn't have so many skins, therefore allowing some other skins to atually be seen, because if your skin gets a bad rating by some1, chances are it'll sink into the abyss of the thousands of other skins. From my own experiences, if ur skin doesn't have at least a 4 star rating, it will not get dwnloaded once it falls off the first page of the most recent list. It would also help skinners who don't use tools out because their skins would get posted quicker, and winamp's staff would have to rate fewer skins, and maybe get around to leaving some comments.

Well thats all i have to say reply with what you think.

simon snowflake
29th May 2001, 20:06
is this really that crappy?
buffy-amp (http://www.winamp.com/skins/detail.jhtml?componentId=21643)

and yes skinning tools s#ck big-time if that's all that has been used. but i hear people use it in the early stages of their skins, and work on it by hand after that. So a lot of skins that don't seem skinned by a program......etc

29th May 2001, 20:10
I find you can actually make a quite decent skin with a skinner such as Winamp Skin Maker using your own templates and then hand-write the PLEDIT.TXT and VISCOLOR.TXT

30th May 2001, 19:36
For me the skin makers are just a tool for the early stages. All my stuff starts with a layout on a winamp sized bitmap, then its edited through several art programs including PSP7 and paint (plus the ever popular photoshop). Only after it looks about right is the skinmaker brought in. My "picture" for the quick skinner is basically just a screenshot of the finished product. I like the skinners because it sets all your bitmaps up for you. After all of that, I go through each individual bmp and edit them pixel by pixel. 75% of the pixels in my skins end up hand rendered. Then the cursors get done, etc.

I agree with you that skins made EXCLUSIVELY with the quick skinners suck, but that is the fault of the artist, not the tools. A little extra effort can make even a quick skinner look good.

31st May 2001, 17:39
a lot of our members use the winam skin maker as a start then complete the product by hand like cursors etc so yes they are good tools to have so long as you dont just use them to post for lamers sake of posting unless you are learning and you are a =http://www.btinternet.com/~skmoseley/smilies/newbie.gif